PS5: father spends 13 hours on eight screens to buy it for his son

PS5: father spends 13 hours on eight screens to buy it for his son
PS5 is finally out all over Europe, characterized, however, by a really complex launch with sold-out copies practically everywhere. Foreseeing this risk, a father from Walsall (an English village in the county of the West Midlands) spent 13 hours placed in front of eight screens to guarantee the console to his eight-year-old son. A truly heroic undertaking that of Stephen Hill for his son Harrison, he carries out to save Christmas.

At midnight on day one of the Sony-branded console, Stephen started updating the pages of his workstation consisting of a laptop , a mobile phone, five iPads and a PC with two browsers open. All this until 1:20 pm on the same day he finally managed to grab the PlayStation 5 and Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales for £ 509. Stephen has perpetually checked the sites of GAME, Amazon and John Lewis, as well as followed various publications to check availability.

Thanks to the help of his wife and a £ 400 voucher from the Family Fund (charity which supports families with severely ill or disabled children), Stephen also managed to buy an Xbox Series X for his six-year-old autistic son, Isaac. A hero father who managed to give his son a Merry Christmas after the recent loss of a loved one due to the coronavirus-related health emergency.

Fortunately, his daughter hasn't made any special requests, but Hill said: "The demand for both consoles was high, but I was very determined" - continued the 39-year-old - "It's that time of year where all kids want consoles so they can play the latest games, whenever a new one comes out it's always like this But that's what the kids asked for and, as a parent, you want to give them what they want, ”he concluded. A father to admire!

PS5 is currently sold-out. If you are one of the lucky owners, on Amazon Italy you can buy Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales, Demon's Souls Remake and an additional DualSense!

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