PS5, between Covid-19, console war and exclusives: a rich interview with Jim Ryan

PS5, between Covid-19, console war and exclusives: a rich interview with Jim Ryan
The launch of PlayStation 5 was able to benefit from two different Day Ones located a short distance from each other. November 12th saw the console debut in some large select markets, including the US and Japan, while November 19th was Europe's turn.

With such a calendar, it is not surprising that recently Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, was able to grant a significant number of interviews. Among the latter is an interesting chat with the Russian newspaper TASS. During the appointment many issues were addressed, from the possibility of the arrival of Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5 up to the complete exhaustion of stocks of PlayStation 5, but not only.

Jim Ryan took the opportunity to praise the work done on the production front, defined as a true "miracle". The Sony executive in particular confirmed that in the absence of the Covid-19 emergency, there would have been more PS5s on the market, but not so many: despite the difficulties - he guarantees - every possible effort has been made to guarantee hardware stocks. The CEO also wanted to reiterate the relevance that great exclusives will have in the life cycle of PlayStation 5. "Great games are very important for PlayStation 5, then if these great games are exclusive to our platform, we think it's a strength. in our favor [...] - said Jim Ryan - The strength of the games that our studios have done in the PS4 period have been a great boost to the popularity of the console ".

Finally, the executive dedicated a reflection to the competition with Microsoft: "Console war is an expression that I never use and that I don't appreciate. For me, it's great that there is competition. I think it makes us work harder , it prevents us from settling down. And it's great that consumers can choose, I think it's wonderful. We are happy and we are proud of what we offer ".

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