Pisano on the Digital Transformation of Municipalities

Pisano on the Digital Transformation of Municipalities
Today the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization illustrated to the Regional Digitization Councilors the plan for the use of the 50 million euro Innovation Fund established with the aim of promoting the Digital Transformation of municipalities. In her speech, Paola Pisano underlined that the role played by the regions will be of fundamental importance.

Coordinated regional action for the digitization of municipalities

The decree law on Simplifications and Digital Innovation provides that by 28 February 2021, the municipalities have adopted SPID as a credential for accessing the services provided online, initiated the transfer of services to the IO application, thus making them usable from smartphones and made payments electronically via the pagoPa platform possible. This is Pisano's comment.

Despite the pandemic forces us to devote a lot of effort to the present, at this moment we must continue to work together for the future of our country as well. Therefore, it is necessary to persevere in the action aimed at achieving the digital transformation objectives of public services. To achieve it, it is essential to create a synergy with the Regions, which must have a strategic role in favoring the transformation of the services entrusted to the Municipalities. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that the state, regions and municipalities work together to make public services more efficient, easier for users and our country more competitive.

Today, in the meeting with the Councilors for #digitalization of the Regions, I illustrated the plan on the use of the 50 million euro Innovation Fund, set up to promote the digital transformation of municipal services. Read the press release: https://t.co/fWMUPyAcP5

- Paola Pisano (@PaolaPisano_Min) November 11, 2020

From the meeting it emerged that the regions so far they have shown interest in the project, making themselves available to present concrete initiatives in support of the municipalities in a short time, as part of a coordinated regional action.

Source: MiD
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