Netflix: List of series and films that will leave the program by the end of December

Netflix: List of series and films that will leave the program by the end of December
A first preview of the program in December 2020 on Netflix is ​​already available. Members can look forward to a number of new series and films in the new month. In the coming days and weeks, individual content will have to leave the offer again. The reason is expiring licenses: Netflix only secures the rights of individual content for a certain period of time. The respective series and films are then often included in the program on other streaming services.

The website, which lists the departures by December 21, served as the basis for the following overview. It Comes at Night and Peru: A Hidden Treasure are only available on Netflix today. On November 29th, Netflix will remove Jim Knopf and Lukas the Engine Driver and When Two Worlds Collide from the program. One day later, the provider took Attack on Titan, Death Note and Sylvanian Families out of their offer.

You can find the current list of upcoming departures below - together with the individual dates. Bear in mind that the list can change until the end of the year - and further departures can be added. In December, Netflix members can look forward to new episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, among other things. The fourth season runs on December 31st, so it's available just in time for New Year's Eve. You can find a lot more information about Netflix on our topic page.

Netflix: This content leaves the program


It Comes at Night (2017)

Peru: A Hidden Treasure (2017)


Catch Me! (2018)


Jim Button and Lukas the Engine Driver (2018)

When Two Worlds Collide (2016)


Attack on Titan (2013)

Death Note (2006)

Sylvanian Families (2018)


The cheapest weddings (2016)


Psycho-Pass (2014)


Bobby & Bill (2018)

Miss Fisher's Mysterious Murder Cases (2015)

Reggie Yates Outside Man (2017)

Shtisel (2015)


Pee-wee's Playhouse (1990)


Guilty Crown (2011)


Deichbullen (2017)

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