Messages that self-destruct arrive on Messenger and Instagram

Messages that self-destruct arrive on Messenger and Instagram

Messages that disappear once the chat is closed. This is what Vanish Mode has landed on Messenger in the United States and which will soon also arrive on Instagram.

Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger (photo: Facebook) Messages that vanish after closing the chat arrive on Messenger and Instagram. In addition to presenting the ephemeral messages of WhatsApp, Facebook has introduced the vanish mode, the self-destruct function, for Messenger and the Direct Messages of Instagram.

As already known, since the beginning of September, Messenger and Instagram chats have started to merge more and more allowing users to exchange messages regardless of the platform used. For this reason Facebook has developed the same function for both chats.

Thanks to vanish mode, everything that is sent in the chat, be it emoji, text or voice messages, gifs, photos, videos or documents , it disappears permanently when, after viewing the messages, the recipient closes it. The roll-out of the feature began for Messenger in the United States and a small group of other countries. On Instagram, although the feature has already been developed, vanish mode will be enabled at a later time.

Information screen that users will see when first starting Vanish Mode (photo: Facebook) The new feature will not be activated by default. To make it operational, the user will have to access the chat (for the moment only to the individual ones) and swipe up with his finger. At the first activation Messenger will show an instruction screen that will explain the operation to the user. If your interlocutor activates self-destructing messages, the user will be given a notification and the same will happen when, in active mode, a user takes a screenshot of the conversation.

On Messenger it will still be possible to report a user even one hour after the messages have disappeared. This is because Facebook wants to make sure it holds evidence in the event of a violation of its code of conduct. To disable the function, the user can scroll down the chat or press the Disable Vanish Mode button that will appear at the top of the chat.

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