Mac ARM: Problems with Bluetooth connection?

Mac ARM: Problems with Bluetooth connection?
Recently arrived on the market and thanks to an optimization that drives performance, the new ARM Macs with Apple M1 processor seem afflicted by a problem related to the management of the Bluetooth module. Or at least that's what several users complain about. The feedback collected refers to all three models launched by the bitten apple: 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Air and Mac mini.

Mac ARM with Apple M1: Bluetooth problems

There is talk of random disconnections and malfunctions for headphones, mice and keyboards which, as it is not difficult to imagine, are creating more than a headache. Interested not only third-party accessories and peripherals, but also those produced and marketed directly by the Cupertino group such as the AirPods earphones.

The reports point the finger in particular towards Mac mini. At the moment, no explanations have been received from Apple on the matter and it is impossible to establish what the nature of the hitch is, whether software (as we hope that we can intervene with the release of an update) or hardware (which would require sending the device in service).

This is not the only serious problem that has emerged following the launch of the new macOS computers. Last week on these pages we reported a brick risk that for some occurs during the reinstallation of the Big Sur operating system. If this were not enough, the platform immediately showed signs of incompatibility with the computers launched in 2013-2014.

Source: Apple Insider
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