Intel Studios calls, Hollywood doesn't respond

Intel Studios calls, Hollywood doesn't respond
Intel has shut down its Intel Studios, the great infrastructure set up to create what should have been the future of cinema. They called it a “volumetric film”, shot inside a sphere within which a camera movement could have been simulated otherwise not repeatable in other contexts. We will not know if it is due to the defects that have emerged in the meantime, if it is due to poor economic sustainability or if it is due to the difficulties that cinema is going through at this stage, but Intel Studios (see the images) are now on a dead end and will be abandoned.

The vaunted performances at the recent 77th Venice Film Festival were probably the swan song. It was September when a film shot in this giant sphere was submitted to the competition:

Intel Studios is driving the future of content creation with the next generation of film shooting and production technologies, which make it possible to transformation of the recorded content into virtual reality, augmented reality and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) motion-based content. After presenting the previous production at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, Venice is the defining moment in which Intel Studios shows the interactive experiences that reveal the potential and the future of volumetric feature films.

If the Studios ( a mixture of high-definition footage and server farms for archiving and image editing) were to become a tool available to Hollywood, there was perhaps no more inauspicious year to start operating. The group now continues to preach confidence in “volumetric” shots, but at the same time postpones any possible commitment in this regard to better moments.

For now, the Intel Studios journey ends here. But "the show must go on", so for the future it is not certain that the project cannot be relaunched, also on the basis of these first experiences achieved in recent months.

Source: Protocol
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