Halo Infinite: Microsoft assures you everything is ok with development

Halo Infinite: Microsoft assures you everything is ok with development
Halo Infinite has come a bit rough in the last few months. The gameplay presentation drew criticism and in August 2019 the shooter lost Creative Director Tim Longo and executive producer Mary Olson. Game director Chris Lee recently stepped down from developing the game. But none of this should unsettle the fans, says Microsoft's Phil Spencer.

The development of Halo Infinite is making good progress

"Sometimes what appears in the press or when certain things are internal announced months in advance, "said Spencer in an interview with Gamespot. "I have really great faith in Bonnie [Ross] and the team there who took Joe and Pierre on and what they achieved in late summer - I have a good feeling about where we are on that team. But in the industry we will Keep fluctuating. At 343, I have no particular concerns. I think the fluctuations are a healthy thing in the long run because we want people who are really motivated by the things they're working on. "

Spencer points out that while the team takes fan feedback on the reveal seriously, the postponement of the release date is not directly related to the reaction to the Halo Infinite (buy now) gameplay footage. "It doesn't always exactly match when these things happen - we took the feedback from the Showcase event in July seriously, both in terms of the date and what people expected from the game. It was a failure on our part, on my part to open our Halo Infinite showcase in July and then postpone the date a few weeks later. "

Phil Spencer explains that Halo fans shouldn't have to worry about Halo Infinite's development. Everything is ok.

Source: Gamespot

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