Google Chrome: More transparency for extensions

Google Chrome: More transparency for extensions
In recent days, Google announced the arrival of a new policy relating to extensions for Chrome: developers involved in their creation and distribution will have to make known in a clear and transparent way how and for what purpose they process user data during the sessions of navigation. An extra protection to protect privacy first.

Google asks for greater transparency for Chrome extensions

The rule will be applied starting from the first month of 2021. It will also be forbidden to sell to third parties the information collected, use it for purposes other than those stated or rely on it for the provision of cash loans. Users will be able to consult the details on how Chrome extensions treat their data starting from January 18, 2021.

It's just another initiative put in place by the group of Mountain View with the aim of making the use of extensions distributed through the Web Store safer. A crackdown was announced last spring with the introduction of new rules such as banning duplicate add-ons or using misleading names just to promote downloads.

The alert remains high. This was justified by the spyware campaign unearthed in June when about 70 browser add-ons, downloaded tens of millions of times, were eliminated after having stolen information relating to browsing history and service access credentials. In February, another 500 were eliminated and in August about 300 believed to be able to maliciously alter the results of online searches.

Source: Chromium Blog
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