Godfall: how to get Dragonsteel resource to upgrade equipment

Godfall: how to get Dragonsteel resource to upgrade equipment
During your adventure in Godfall you will find yourself spasmodically collecting and storing any type of resource that you come across, in order to always have the necessary materials for the creation and upgrading of weapons and equipment.

Note Well - The term Dragonsteel refers to the English language version of the game, at the moment we have no way to verify the exact Italian translation, we will update the content of this guide as soon as possible.

A unlike what can happen with other materials, which can be recovered directly as a reward for completing some missions, or even found on the battlefield, the only way you will have to get Dragonsteel will be by dismantling pieces of equipment of Epic level or higher you already own. To try to earn large quantities of this material you will therefore be forced to face high-level missions, such as the Towers of Challenge, in order to obtain numerous pieces of equipment of Epic level or higher that you can then dismantle.

Of course, the amount of Dragonsteel that you will be able to obtain from each object sacrificed for the purpose will vary, depending on the quality of the dismantled object, but on average this value will be around 2-3 pieces of Dragonsteel for each object. Once you have accumulated enough Dragonsteel you can use them to upgrade your weapons, which generally accommodate up to a maximum of five improvements: all this provided you have unlocked the Divine Blacksmith at the Forge of the main hub of the game.

We remind you that Godfall is currently available on PC and Playstation 5, while it will probably arrive on Xbox Series X | S after 12 May, the expiration date of the exclusive Godfall console.

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