Ghost of Tsushima inspires a TV show in Japan: the trailer!

Ghost of Tsushima inspires a TV show in Japan: the trailer!
Although shaped by a US development team, the Japanese imagery of Ghost of Tsushima has also managed to conquer the public of the Rising Sun, where the open-world was the protagonist of a successful launch.

A further testimony of the appreciation addressed by Japanese players to the title, an interesting report comes. In fact, the Japanese network TBS has decided to dedicate an episode of the well-known TV show "Sekai Fushigi Hakken!" ("Discovering the mysteries of the world!") To Ghost of Tsushima! The 1,576th episode of the broadcast featured the island si Tsushima, atoll which is the setting for the exclusive Sony developed by Sucker Punch.

Jin Sakai's adventure unfolds in fact along the Japan of the 13th century, at the time of the Tsushima invasion by the Mongolian army. The protagonist's epic is built on the history and tradition of the Samurai and Bushido, to tell the transformation of the young man from Samurai to Ghost. Evoking the scenarios and the narration proposed by Ghost of Tsushima the television show Sekai Fushigi Hakken ! accompanied viewers to discover the Japanese island. The special episode was conducted by actress Yui Kitamura, a passionate player: directly at the opening of this news you can sionare the official trailer of the appointment.

On the subject of the settings of the title, on the pages of Everyeye you will find the spectacular photo gallery of Ghost of Tsushima by Emanule Bresciani.

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