From the ashes of Vertu a little smart mobile phone is born for 3300 euros

From the ashes of Vertu a little smart mobile phone is born for 3300 euros

The luxurious and elitist Xor Titanium is as exclusive in materials and services as it is simple and basic in hardware

(Photo: Xor) Xor is written and pronounced "eggsor" the new company founded by Hutch Hutchinson and stationed in the UK which officially debuts its very first exclusive model called Titanium. Just a quick look at the smooth and premium design - albeit in its 90s simplicity - and a look at the price of 3000 pounds (3300 euros) and the most attentive will not miss an immediate connection with Vertu: Xor is born from the ashes of the deceased. and then returned to a luxury brand.

Mr Hutchinson was in fact an executive of the company originally born as an exclusive division of Nokia which had presented several mobile phones with candybar design with shells in precious materials and prices up to five zeros. According to what has been reported, Hutch returned to the field after being contacted by several former Vertu buyers who also partially financed the project.

And so, Xor takes up the same philosophy of the late brand, adapting it to modern needs especially on the security side Titanium comes with a titanium chassis, a small screen and a keyboard with minimalist metal buttons and can make calls and send text messages by connecting to 2G and 3G networks. The only hardware quirk that allows itself - and that differentiates it from smartphones for less than 100 euros - is that of a sensor that analyzes the quality of the air.

(Photo: Xor) Xor has focused more on services. Each call is enhanced by active noise cancellation, there is wireless battery charging (which lasts for five days) and the interface is based on Linux. Creating an elitist atmosphere, when two Xor users call or text each other they will be able to enjoy the aes256 end-to-end encrypted communication and there will also be a dedicated ringtone. It will also be possible to remotely delete all the data in the memory in case of theft / loss.

As with the Vertu, there is nothing that can justify such a high price if not the basic idea of ​​exclusivity. Xor has also suffered delays in deliveries due to Covid-19: Titanium was originally scheduled for the end of 2020, but should debut by next spring.

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