Free PC games: a mystery adventure as a gift, download link

Free PC games: a mystery adventure as a gift, download link
It is exactly two days since the release of Xbox Series X and there are only seven days left until the arrival of PlayStation 5, the next generation console from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Many of us are busy playing the many video games coming this November, both on old-gen and on next-gen. Nonetheless, we are sure that no one will reject the proposal of the day of free PC games, which are increasingly being made available by developers and stores. Which are we talking about today?

Today’s free PC game is Contract with the Devil, a HOG (hidden object game) -style mystery adventure. In HOGs we explore a series of locations, divided into screens and collect clues and objects to continue the game. There are puzzles to solve and tools to use to complete the sections, which allow us to advance in the plot.

This new proposal for free PC games tells the story of Sonya, a woman invited through a mysterious letter in a strange house. The owner, in exchange for a dinner, promises to reveal important information about Sonya's daughter, Lisa, who is kidnapped by an evil force and dragged into an ancient mirror.

We will have to “complete fun missions, solve Unusual riddles, logic-based puzzles, research important objects and artifacts just waiting for you. Plus, get ready for a journey beyond the mirror and visit the past. Discover the secrets of a sinister family and challenge the power of evil! But be careful, the closer you are to the target, the more enemies you will make! "

If you want to download this new proposal of free games, all you have to do is follow the download link below which will take you to the following:

Download link for Contract with the Devil Tell us, this month will you be focusing on the free PC games available, or will PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X require your full attention?

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