For the moment, TikTok is safe in the United States

For the moment, TikTok is safe in the United States
Eventually TikTok avoided the US ban. The Trump administration has perhaps been too absorbed in the elections to remember the deadline, set for November 12. Now the Commerce Department intervenes on the matter by formalizing that no restrictions will be applied to the functioning of the app, at least for the moment.

TikTok is saved: US ban avoided, at least for now

It is the direct consequence of a sentence handed down last month by District Judge Wendy Beetlestone of Philadelphia who found the position taken by the US government out of place: it did not have the necessary authority to order its ban on the basis of unspecified risks to the national security linked to the use of information by the social network.

Not an all-round victory for ByteDance, the Chinese parent company that controls TikTok. The decision is postponed. In all likelihood we will talk about it again after Joe Biden takes office in the White House: it will be interesting to understand the attitude of the new administration towards similar issues (Huawei is also called into question).

Meanwhile, the group of Beijing states that it intends to continue to collaborate with US companies in order to ensure full transparency and compliance in the use of data. In September, an agreement with Oracle was announced for this purpose, but considered by Trump and his team not to be sufficient to ward off the bugbear of the ban. In August, Microsoft had instead tried the acquisition route, a hypothesis more pleasing to the US authorities, but without success.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
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