Ferrari 488 Gt Modified: no limits for maximum performance

Ferrari 488 Gt Modified: no limits for maximum performance
The pursuit of overcoming one's limits is a component of the Ferrari brand. The Italian manufacturer creates four-wheeled dreams and each new project is the bearer of technological innovation, both in terms of products and actual racing cars. An innovation that often clashes with the strict regulations that prohibit the expression of creativity and the true technical potential at the disposal of engineers and designers.

To offer a product that could express all the true potential of Ferrari engineering , from Maranello they thought of creating a version of 488 completely free from the constraints of competition regulations, its name: Modified 488 GT. This is a synthesis of the 488 GTE and 488 GT3 models.

700 Hp

Power is offered by the Ferrari 3.9-liter V8 engine which goes from 550 Hp to 700 Hp; the gearbox is available with different ratios to adapt the car to the circuit to be tackled; the clutch is made of carbon fiber and this ensures better management of power and torque. Incredibly improved aerodynamics, tested at the Nürburgring with the aim of generating a greater load at the front without increasing drag.

The body is made almost entirely of carbon fiber, with the exception of the roof and the uprights, which are made of aluminum. A solution that contributes to generating an aerodynamic load exceeding 1,000 kg at 230 km / h. The suspensions derive directly from the 488 GTE; the brakes were developed by Brembo and combine the calipers of the 488 of the WEC with the ABS of the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 with specific calibrations.

Seat for two

The standard equipment includes a high-resolution rear view camera to aid in maneuvering and a second passenger seat. A way to share the adrenaline and the experience on the track. The car also has a V-Box acquisition system which is flanked by the Bosch one for telemetry data which allows data to be downloaded directly to a USB key.

The Modified Ferrari 488 GT cannot be purchased from any customer: production is limited to a few examples and reserved for those who have participated in GT competitions with Ferrari or the Club Competizioni GT in recent years. The first deliveries and appearances are scheduled for 2021.

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