Demon's Souls PS5: how to change the difficulty via the trend

Demon's Souls PS5: how to change the difficulty via the trend

Demon's Souls PS5 Difficulty

Although it is not possible to set a real level of difficulty, neither at the beginning of a new game nor during its development, in Demon's Souls there is still a method to modify the difficulty of the game.

Although this method is not at all intuitive or explicit within the work of From Software revisited by Bluepoint, following our guide you will be able to master the system to the fullest, which is based on the mechanics of the World Trend (and of the player).

Each of the 5 different worlds that you can access through the as many Archstones present within the Nexus is associated with a special attribute called Trend, visible within the menu, which also determines the power of the individual enemies in that world and, at the same time, the amount of rewards you will earn by defeating them. The Trend of a world can change, ranging from completely white to completely black, and acts as a kind of measure of your positive or negative actions. In particular, the Tendency will vary towards white through actions such as helping NPCs in the area complete their quests and helping other players during clashes and boss-fights. On the contrary, this indicator will move towards black in case you die an excessive number of times within the same world (avoidable condition by adequately using all the healing possibilities that the game makes available to the player), kill the NPCs or aggressively invade other players' games.

A world with a Positive (white) Tendency will have more affordable and easier to defeat enemies, but will also provide you with lower rewards for those you defeat, while a world with a Negative (black) Tendency will see the power of the enemies it contains and at the same time the amount of rewards that can be obtained from them. Naturally, there are numerous intermediate steps for the trend of a world, which in the transition from white to black must first cross a thick gray scale, with little perceptible variations from one level to the next or previous.

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