Demon's Souls: on PS5 you can teleport directly from the dashboard

Demon's Souls: on PS5 you can teleport directly from the dashboard
It seems that in Demon's Souls you can teleport directly using the PS5 dashboard. The new Sony console, in fact, has been built around an innovative integrated operating system that allows, through the Control Center Activity boxes, to jump directly to specific points of the games, usually linked to trophies. Also in Demon's Souls, where you can jump from one Archstone to another at any time.

This feature was revealed by Lance McDonald, an expert in the world of the Souls who is currently cleaning up the remake of Bluepoint Games. "In Demon's Souls, you can teleport between all unlocked Archstones where there are still bosses to defeat using the PlayStation 5 dashboard. You don't even need to load the save, it works from the title screen." And to show the speed of the operation, McDonald also adds the comparison with the loading times on PS3.

A very comfortable system, perhaps too much, since it could even modify some gameplay balances. "I think this makes Nexial Binding useless, since you can teleport to an Archstone and then return to the Nexus without losing your souls. Technically, it can be used for some kind of cheat," concluded the expert.

Meanwhile the first votes of Demon's Souls speak of a masterpiece.

I guess this probably makes the Nexial binding useless, since you can just warp to an archstone and then return to the nexus without losing your souls , so this can be used for some sneaky cheating technically.

- Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) November 14, 2020

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