Crucial sets a new record with its Ballistix Max memoirs

Crucial sets a new record with its Ballistix Max memoirs
Apparently the Chinese overclockers are really working hard. Yesterday we reported to you about the incredible results achieved in overclocking on the Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card by Takukou, while today we report, as reported by our colleagues at Overclock3D, that BABY-J broke the world record for memory frequency, reaching the incredible speed of 7.004.2MHz using liquid nitrogen cooling. This important result was achieved with a Crucial Ballistix Max DDR4-4000 kit, an MSI MEG B550 Unify motherboard and an AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G processor.

Credit: Overclock3D BABY-J became the first overclocker to overcome the 7GHz barrier on DDR4 memory, recording a 75.1% overclock on Crucial's Ballistix Max memory modules, as reported on HWBOT.

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Previously, the world record for DDR4 memory overclocking was 6,666MHz and was also achieved using Micron's Ballistix Max memory modules. In fact, this could be one of the latest records, as the new DDR5s should arrive on the market next year, accompanied by platforms capable of exploiting them.

Credit: Overclock3D Certainly, Ballistix proposals have always distinguished by their undeniable qualities in the field of overclocking. For example, already last year we told you that the Overclocked Gaming Systems (OGS) team had managed to bring a Ballistix Elite 8GB memory module from 3.600MHz up to 5.726MHz, obviously under liquid nitrogen.

Also recently, ASRock released an update for its X570 Taichi motherboard that allows you to increase the voltage of DDR4 memory up to over 1.8V. This is an absolutely high value, but it could be useful for professional overlockers to push modules to the maximum, as long as they are able to withstand that voltage.

If you want high-performance memory modules, the Crucial Ballistix Max DDR4-4000 are available on Amazon at an attractive price.

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