Call of Duty Warzone: 120fps only on Xbox Series X and not on PS5

Call of Duty Warzone: 120fps only on Xbox Series X and not on PS5
After Xbox Series X | S, it is very close to officially welcome PS5 to every part of the world. A great challenge is expected between the two consoles, since in addition to the guaranteed power, it will be necessary to offer the most convincing videogame experience in the eyes of the consumer. Speaking of the performance of the two consoles, let's shift our focus to the world of Call of Duty, as Infinty Ward, without making it known, has introduced 120fps support in Call of Duty Warzone, as well as for Modern Warfare on Xbox Series X.

In the notes of the last patch, however, this introduction was not mentioned, however the first tests of Digital Foundry for Xbox Series X confirm it. In addition, consulting the Microsoft Store for both Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare 120fps are reported, which confirm this result, but from the tests carried out, however, it seems that on Xbox Series X Warzone does not reach 120 fps consistently, remaining in a range between 110fps and 120fps. However, the real surprise is that on PlayStation 5 there is no such result at the moment.

Indeed, Digital Foundry confirms that on PS5 Call of Duty Warzone reaches a maximum of 60 fps, even in Performance Mode. It is reasonable to imagine that 120fps support will also arrive on PS5, but it is also not clear why this novelty has not been talked about for Xbox Series X, considering the success that Call of Duty Warzone has obtained, making its way decorously in the field. of Battle Royale.

It is worth remembering that Activision has recently released a brand new game, namely Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and perhaps the goal is not to distract attention from that game right in the phase of its launch period. We also remember that Activision has confirmed its partnership with Sony with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, so it is easy for the previously expressed assumptions to materialize.

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