Assassin's Creed Valhalla: how does it play on PS5 and Xbox Series X? Here is the best version

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: how does it play on PS5 and Xbox Series X? Here is the best version
Are you wondering what are the differences in the technical sector between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Thanks to a long video it is now possible to find out on which of the two new generation consoles it is possible to play the latest chapter of the Ubisoft saga better.

Thanks to the analysis of the YouTuber NXGamer, the main features of each version, some of which are shared by both Sony and Microsoft machines. First of all, the game does not run at native 4K resolution on either platform but 4K is only the target of dynamic resolution: this means that what you are seeing is rarely at 4K and most of the time it is images with a resolution between i 1620p and 1800p. In the case of Series X the lowest peak is 1440p (2K), while the PS5 version never seems to go below 1620p. Speaking of framerates, both versions aim for 60 frames per second but have some slight dips in some situations. On the XSX there is an adaptive V-Sync, this means that it is sometimes deactivated and therefore presents some tearing. The PS5 version has V-Sync always active and in the stress phases, or those in which there is tearing on the Xbox Series X, it skips a few frames. It therefore seems that as far as the framerate is concerned, the two versions are the same and the only real difference lies in the 1% advantage during the movies for Xbox Series X, which therefore boasts a slightly higher fps average in the cut-scenes. . Turning to loading times, PS5 has an advantage of 12% which translates into a negligible time saving: the difference is in fact in about 1 second due to the high speed of both SSDs.

If you are curious about the performance of the game on the Xbox Series S, know that on the small Microsoft console the game has a dynamic resolution with a maximum ceiling of 1440p and a framerate locked at 30 frames per second.

Before leaving you to the movie, we remind you that on our pages you will find the guide with advice to start playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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