Apple presents in new ARM Macs with M1 chips

Apple presents in new ARM Macs with M1 chips
Tim Cook opens the One More Thing event organized by Apple today and gets straight to the point: the focus is on Macs. The next generation of Cupertino computers will be based on ARM architecture, just like phones from the iPhone range and tablets from the iPad family.

Mac ARM: the new computers of the bitten apple

M1 is the first chip made by the group specifically for Macs. The design phase carried out internally allowed the bitten apple to obtain an optimization in terms of performance and reduction in consumption.

Nel SoC there is a GPU with eight cores for uncompromising performance in terms of graphic computing.

To this is added the Neural Engine unit for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

All this without forgetting the Secure Enclave for data security.

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Source: Apple on YouTube
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